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Tips To Better Putting

Golf putting is an important skill to master if you want to improve your game and lower your scores. Unfortunately, many golfers struggle with putting and often spend hours on the practice green trying to get better. But what if you only had 5 minutes to work on your putting? Is it even possible to make any significant improvements in such a short amount of time? The answer is yes! Here’s a quick and effective 5-minute training routine you can use to improve your golf putting:

  1. Warm up: Start by taking a few practice strokes to get a feel for the putter and the pace of the green. This will help you get into a good rhythm and prepare your body and mind for the training session.
  2. Aim and alignment: The next step is to work on your aim and alignment. Take a few putts while focusing on the line and making sure your putter is square to the target at impact. This is a critical part of putting and can make a big difference in the accuracy and consistency of your shots.
  3. Speed control: After you’ve mastered aim and alignment, it’s time to work on speed control. This is especially important on long putts, where the length of the putt can affect the speed of the ball. Practice hitting putts at different speeds and pay attention to how the ball reacts on the green.
  4. Short putts: Finally, spend the last few minutes working on short putts (inside 10 feet). These are often the most frustrating for golfers because they can be the most difficult to make consistently. Focus on a smooth, rhythmic stroke and try to get a feel for the speed and break of the putt.

By following this 5-minute training routine, you can quickly improve your golf putting and lower your scores. Remember to practice consistently and stay patient, as improvement takes time and dedication. Happy putting!

*Professional Putting Tip*

Today I’m going to give you a simple (yet very powerful) putting tip that could help you to save a lot of strokes every time you play.

One putting tip can easily do that. Just look at Rory McIlroy for example… his putting has been very poor of late, and then he makes a small change to his right-hand putting grip and wins the Deutsche Bank Championship.

The more I look into putting improvement the more I think a lot of it relates to self-discipline, and here’s one big tip to help you with this.

Every time you watch golf on T.V. you see a ton of putting by the pros. And there’s one thing they all do that most amateurs and bad putters certainly don’t do.

Next time you watch golf on T.V. notice how at the end of the pros putting strokes they all hold their finish. It might be for a second or some even longer.

Then, the next time you play with your buddies watch their finish, and I bet you won’t see many hold their finish like the pros – UNLESS they are a good putter.

Instead, you’ll see lots of waving the putter after the ball is hit. Like they’re trying to control the ball somehow after it’s been hit. It seems like a subtle difference but… Good putter – Holds the finish Bad putter – Doesn’t hold the finish Now if you’re a bad putter and you start holding the finish are you going to start holing everything? Probably not. But I bet you’ll putt better, and here’s why. Good putters make good, confident strokes and hold their finish. They’re not trying to steer the ball into the hole. Bad putters make steering type of strokes and keep trying to steer the ball into the hole after they’ve hit it.

At the start of this article, I said that the more I look at putting improvement the more I think it relates to self-discipline, and that’s especially true with this tip. Holding your finish OR NOT is a habit. If you want to improve your putting then make holding your finish a habit. To do this, simply every time you putt hold your follow-through for 3 seconds. By doing this and making it a habit you’ll “program” yourself to make good strokes without so much concern from trying to get the ball into the hole.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “trying fails”. And that’s especially true with putting. If you try hard to steer the ball into the hole you’ll often miss. But if you make a good putting stroke and let the outcome take care of itself, you’ll often get better results.

Putting accounts for about 43% of every game of golf you play, and this month I’m going to help you more to improve your putting so you take strokes off your scores. It really is the quickest and easiest place to do that, so stay tuned.

That tip was from Jeff Richmond and if you would like even more help with your putting so it’s like a professional, go here to find out more about Jeff’s great step-by-step Putting Game Improvement program…

The Putting Game Improvement Program

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