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Underground Dog House

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The DogEden underground dog house was tested and perfected to be effortless when used by both you and your dog. Created with 6 steps to assist your loved ones in-and-out of this sturdy man-made den. While the installation process is just as simple as digging a hole.

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Last updated on November 8, 2022 10:11 am


You’re are looking at the first mass-produced and truly affordable underground dog house! The DogEden works great as a standalone pet shelter or is the perfect add-on accessory for those who already have a traditional above ground dog house. If your dog is one of the 15 million plus dogs in America that live outside most of the year, this is a must-have! Or if you have noticed freshly dug holes in your lawn and wondering why? The simple answer is your dog is searching for a warmer or cooler place to go when the weather is extreme.

The DogEden 60 “K” is our Kennel Series best for kennels or fenced yards where your dog can freely use this home. Whereas the DogEden 60 “A” the Anchor Series is a tie-out system that allows you to leave your dog alone without fear of entanglement. The DogEden is the original self-heated, self-cooled underground dog house. We call it “Paradise for Pets” because it’s the perfect temperature inside the DogEden all year long! Heated and cooled using the earth’s own natural temperature control system. We are proud of the design and quality of workmanship that goes into each DogEden. This ensures not only ease of installation, but also gives you the peace of mind knowing that your dog will be comfortable and dry in extreme hot and cold weather conditions.

The DogEden door sits 3″ above the ground along with the DogEden’s uni-body construction and well thought out design ensures complete water-tight integrity. ” We back that up with a 100% non-conditional, money back guarantee.” ​ ​This naturally air-conditioned and heated, energy free dog shelter does all of this 24/7 and still costs 75% less to purchase than our closest competitor. And by the way nothing really compares . It will be the first insulated pet shelter you can afford! A smarter design we guarantee your pet will love, but remember, you have to dig it first!​​

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Miller Pet Products presents the DogeDen 60 Series heated and cooled dog house, perfect for dogs 60 pounds and under. Our underground dog house uses ...

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