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Deal Score+1
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Pivo is an interactive smart pod that empowers smartphone photographers and videographers to create truly dynamic and engaging contents quickly and with ease.

A tiny pod that unleashes your mobile shots. Get smooth pans, set it to follow you around the room, or auto-generate mind-blowing GIFs in seconds. It’s visual magic and the only limit is your imagination.

So What Can You Actually Do With Pivo’s Capturing Modes?

  • Versus mode automatically pans back and forth between two subjects to easily create a rap-battle like video or gif.
  • 50/50 is half video and half photo. First, take a photo, then pivo will pivot just enough to give you room for a seamless video. Essentially a super easy cinemagraph.
  • DoubleTake is an easy way to generate meme-ready gifs or video to tell a story in seconds.
  • ManyMe lets users be a part of the panorama over and over again. Take a panoramic photo all around pivo then let Pivo clone you and your friends into one image.
  • Capture mode packs smart features like “Smartcapture” to interact with Pivo with your voice or gesture.
  • Motion Timelapse makes the most dynamic timelapse possible from a mobile. Let Pivo capture a video in 360, 180 or 120 degrees and create a timelapse to show the world passing across a panorama.
  • Panorama is a feature that Pivo was originally designed to create. Automated capturing and rotation means professional quality panoramas taken easily from a mobile. No more unnatural photo stitching with duplicate heads or missing arms.
  • Flash can blur two videos together. Play catch with yourself or become a superhero with Pivo.
  • TinyPlanet on a mobile device has never been so simple. No need for expensive hardware or software like photoshop to create tiny planet images.
  • Face follow can detect your face and follow users around like your personal cameraman.
  • Object Tracking can help users create even more dynamic contents flexibly by tracking things like vehicles.  
  • Restream and Pivo have partnered up to give users access to over 30 of the top live streaming platforms. Not only this but users can multistream across these platforms while using pivo’s interactive features like Facefollow.

Pivo also comes with an alternate rotating head which allows any smartphone to not only rotate, but tilt angles. An included remote control also gives users greater control with Pivo. For serious flexibility, the team behind Pivo have developed their mobile app to be open source so users can decide how they want Pivo to work for them.


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